Pros & Cons of Living in Alaska

Pros & Cons of Living in Alaska




Wherever you live there are highlights and drawbacks which are unique to that location, Alaska is no different. From endless summer nights to living on a fault line, Alaska has its own set of pros and cons which we all have to consider when living in the Greatland!




  • Natural Beauty: Anchorage is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and is close to mountains, glaciers, lakes, and wide-open spaces.
  • Outdoor Activities: The city offers a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities such as hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, skiing, both downhill and cross-country, snowboarding, and biking.
  • Strong Economy: Anchorage has a thriving economy based in oil, tourism, and transportation, providing a wealth of job opportunities.
  • Cultural Diversity: Anchorage is home to people of many cultures, making it one of the most diverse cities of its size in the nation.
  • Low Crime Rate: Anchorage has a lower crime rate per capita when compared to other cities of similar populations in the US.



  • High Cost of Living: Anchorage is known for having a higher cost of living than other US cities, this includes housing and other necessities such as groceries and vehicle purchases.
  • Cold Weather: Anchorage has long, dark, cold winters which can be difficult for those coming from sunnier climates.
  • Isolation: Anchorage is more physically isolated from other cities than those in the lower 48 states. This physical distance can lead to a sense of loneliness for some people.
  • Limited Road Access: Anchorage is not directly connected to the rest of the United States by road, which can make travel and shipping more difficult.
  • Natural Disasters: Anchorage is located in an area prone to earthquakes, possible volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters, which can be concerning for some.


In short, life is an adventure and Alaska is a place for hardy people who are determined to enjoy their time here and enjoy the discovery of new circumstances and surroundings.

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